Is Finalsite’s Composer CMS making the grade?

Remember when you were first introduced to Finalsite?
There were bells and whistles that looked impressive and seemed like features that your school would definitely use, and the relationship would grow stronger and more meaningful over time.

Yet for many, not so much.

Features that are showing their age

We work extensively with education clients. And what we’ve seen and heard is that, over time, schools tend to use fewer and fewer Finalsite features.

The WYSIWYG editor, which might have seemed cool when you first tried it, hasn’t evolved the way other content management systems have. Plus, the user interface is a bit clunky.

And on top of that, any time changes are required to your site, you get hit with stiff development fees. The folks at Finalsite try to justify this by saying “you gain a partner for the life of your website – and that’s priceless.” Actually not.

The time has come for a CMS audit

If you find yourself wondering what a post-Finalsite universe looks like – or if you just want to reaffirm that the Finalsite CMS is the right fit for your school, we recommend a CMS audit. Here’s our approach.

  1. Needs assessment. Specifically, the features of the CMS need to align with the organizational/institutional goals and identified needs.
  2. Define the annual CMS budget. This will help determine if open sourced or proprietary systems should be reviewed.
  3. Understand user capabilities. You’ll want to match the CMS technical capabilities to the skills of non-technical editors.
  4. Conduct a review. We do an in-depth review of available systems and identify a handful that best match your needs, budgetary requirements and staff member capabilities.
  5. Narrow the field. We identify a few frontrunners and make a short list. Then we move on to demonstrations, because a CMS can look great on paper but you might find the interface doesn’t meets expectations.
  6. Select and implement. Making a final decision.

We do doctoral level work in CMS selection for schools

At drinkcaffeine, we maintain a CMS-agnostic approach. We maintain intellectual independence in our recommendation of content management systems, which allows client requirements, objectives, and resources to shape our recommendations.

Contact us today for a discussion about life after Finalsite.