Darrow School Hero

Small school.

Big ambitions.

The client:

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Content strategy
Website design & development
Advertising & collateral

The story:

There are hundreds of private schools in New England. Darrow, in New Lebanon, NY, was getting lost in the woods. The school’s leadership had critical questions, whose answers were central to success: Who are we? What makes us unique? Who should we target? How do we reach them?

We did our homework – and raised Darrow’s performance across the board.

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The solutions:

Breakthrough research that defined the Darrow difference. We performed simultaneous online and voice-to-voice shop-along research in which parents searched for and visited websites, sharing their impressions and reactions.

A branded curriculum. By focusing on the Active Curriculum – in which students become active participants in their own education and the well-being of the community – we helped Darrow pinpoint a powerful differentiator.

Digital marketing that produces a steady flow of qualified leads. Using carefully defined persona types, we targeted key messages in key markets to produce qualified click through to landing pages that fulfilled content needs and promoted deeper engagement.

Video. Darrow’s short intro video posted to its homepage sets the students’ voices free to tell the school’s story.

Webinar. The consumer research was reformatted and repurposed to attract the interest of educational consultants and guidance counselors – the key decision influencers Darrow needs to reach.

Key results:

More than

100 new leads

generated through targeted digital outreach.

Content-rich branded website with

a clear narrative and point of difference.

Reshaped perceptions

among educational consultants of Darrow as a small school with big ideas.

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