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The client:

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Website Design & Development

The story:

Ritchie Navigation started making boat compasses in 1854, when Charles Dickens was big. At one time, Ritchie enjoyed 80% of US market share among boat OEMs. But then came GPS, which created the perception that a magnetic compass on a boat was no longer important. Ritchie needed a website to tell the story of magnetic navigation as a life-saving technology that every boater requires. The challenges: Create a site with navigation worthy of a world-class compass.

Ritchie Navigation Site

The solutions:

Information architecture. The Ritchie Navigation website brings together key content areas, ecommerce, collateral access, and product specifications for every B2C and B2B audience Ritchie serves, from OEMs to commercial and charter fisherman to trans-oceanic sailors.

Message delivery. Man can’t survive by GPS alone. This central message is iterated across all persona groups – with home page proof points that substantiate the benefits of magnetic navigation (real-time data and reliability) and the shortcomings of GPS (inefficient fuel usage and reliance on electrical power).

Key results:

Market share sustainability.

Ritchie Navigation Asset