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new luxury yacht.

The client:

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The story:

Sabre occupies an elite space among boat builders, competing for a handful of buyers interested in large offshore multi million dollar cruising vessels. As Sabre was finalizing plans for a new Kevin Burns-designed 66-foot power yacht, we began to craft an identity and marketing content that would resonate with the high end targets Sabre needed to attract.

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The solutions:

A name that evokes respect. Many name options for the new yacht were presented and considered. The name “Dirigo” (DYE-rig-go) was selected: A Latin phrase that means “I lead.” It was chosen for its evocative nature, its roots in antiquity, and its use as the state motto of Maine, where Sabre builds its boats.

Visual vocabulary. The Sabre Dirigo needed a logo that communicated classic quality and premium workmanship in a Downeast design.

Premium collateral. In affluent marketing, premium presentation materials are still essential. Our work was used in trade shows, individual sales presentations, and direct mail.

Advertising. In the world of premium cruising yachts, magazine ads still command an audience. Creatively, the need is for brevity and brand clarity. Our work captures the self-confidence that Sabre needs to communicate to both consumers and B2B peers.

Key results:

3 commited buyers

at pre-launch.

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