Not all of your content consumers are buyers. But give them time.

If you’re a content marketer, you’re probably familiar with this dynamic.

Your data shows that targets will click through to the content you’re offering, engage it, read it, watch it, maybe even share it….and never buy a thing from you.

After a while, it’s easy to get disillusioned: You’re clearly successful at getting awareness and engagement, but converting the target to buy what you’re selling somehow remains a bridge too far.

Our advice: Fear not.

5 reminders about content marketing

1. Content produces leads. Businesses that blog regularly (and well) produce nearly 70% more leads than those that do not (Thanks, MarketingInsider). Keep investing in quality blog content – and add value to it with an informed opinion.

2. Trust takes time. It also requires consistency, honesty, addressing pain points, and adhering to standards. Trust is not a sprint. It’s more of a marathon, requiring endurance, steadiness, and Gatorade.

3. Look at your content ecosystem. Producing quality content requires resources and commitment. And it’s easier to curate it than create it. Take a fresh look at your organization and assess where you might find quality content. Keep internal emails going out, asking for research, articles, video outtakes, case studies, testimonials, photography….any form of content that can be edited and branded.

4. Segment buyers from nonbuyers. By separating those who complete transactions from those who do not, you can study their data sets individually. This may inform your content strategy and tilt it toward the inclusion of more buying triggers.

5. Redefine success metrics. In other words, change the mission statement. Maybe bottom-line sales is not the right metric by which to judge content marketing, which is better seen as a tool to support conversion but not close deals.

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