As AI-generated content expands, people will be the best messengers

AI erodes confidence in text and images

We all know that artificial intelligence can draft copy and iterate images at an alarmingly fast rate. Raise your hand if you haven’t checked out ChatGPT.

But AI’s ability to fabricate copy is making a growing number of consumers ask questions such as: “Is this authentic?” “Can I trust this content?” and “How do I know this is accurate?”

Pivoting to video as a preferred way to explain and inform

Marketers have every reason to be wary of AI-generated content.

It lacks originality, so don’t expect fresh ideas and insight. There’s no human emotion involved so passion, humor, and empathy are off the table. But we expect search engines to start flagging AI-generated content soon because of its ability to generate convincing content.

Which brings us to video.

How humans authenticate video content

Currently, AI video production tools can script, shoot, and even select and sequence the strongest video takes to form a rough cut. Post production tasks like sound mixing and color correction can also be AI-driven.

But AI video’s weakness right now is in its ability to replicate human beings.

Even bastions of technology like MIT agree that facial characteristics, from mustaches to mouth movements, are types of natural human appearance that AI cannot (yet) replicate. Eye movement and blinking are other telltales, as are facial expressions that are not in sync with the mood of what the person is saying. In other words, AI-driven video has trouble with authentic human expressions.

Where this is going: Until AI has mastered deepfake videos (2 years, lord help us), brands should leverage their human resources.

5 reasons to feature your people

To create content that is beyond suspicion of being AI-driven, consider a series of Zoom-recorded videos that feature people. Possible applications:

  • CEO, leadership and staff profiles
  • How-to explainer videos
  • SME Conversations
  • HR messages
  • Recruitment videos
  • Brand storytelling

Video recorded online is getting better. With a little help (from us) you can create a deep stack of sharply edited, branded video content led by human voices and human faces.


1. It validates the humanity of your brand

2. It can serve as a showcase for DEI.

3. It can be good for morale.

4. It’s sustainable.

And oh yeah, right, 5. It proves you’re not leaning on AI to fabricate content.

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