Healthcare Employee Recruitment Step 4: Web Asset Development

Your digital recruitment efforts are ready to create an influx of new job candidates to your website. Here’s how to make sure they stick around.

Strong recruitment outreach for healthcare employees depends equally strong web environments where prospects become applicants.

Web asset development will create experiences that keep candidates engaged.

3 Actions:

1. Create custom landing pages on your site
  • Within your website, create multiple landing pages for organic inbound traffic as well as keyword-driven visitors. Each landing page should communicate clearly to the specific Persona types for which it’s intended. We often see 10+ landing pages for a recruitment effort; the closer the messaging of each page matches the persona, the more likely they are to convert.

  • Position multiple calls to action (2-3) on each page to cater to different content needs. Examples: Apply now. View job descriptions. Learn more about us. [BM1] [MS2] Make sure each CTA is trackable so you can measure success and make sure they give the visitor the opportunity to contact you in the means they prefer (chat, email, phone, etc.)

  • Position data fields above the scroll line to optimize capture.

  • Offer a calendly link for the visitor to immediately schedule an appointment with you. Yes, you will get some wasteful appointments, but you will also give some potential applicants the gratification of connecting with you before they leave your webpage.

  • Leverage video wherever possible. Video is proven to be MUCH more effective at converting potential applicants.

  • Monitor activity and tweak the design based on performance.

2. Evolve landing pages into content hubs
  • A content hub is an enhanced landing page environment in your site. It provides the visitor with more content options to explore and a better experience with you as a potential employer.

  • Examples of content categories often found on an employment content hub:
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion policies

    • Culture

    • Work/Life balance

    • Internships

    • Teammates

  • With some planning, content hubs can evolve from initial landing page environments.
3. Create custom pages off site
  • Many job posting sites (Indeed, LinkedIn, and others) allow you to create branded pages.

  • Your page should define your Employer Value Proposition. It should communicate your identity and value as a place to work (Step 1)

  • Examples of content often found on offsite pages: Testimonials. Company photos. Videos. Job listings tailored to the visitors LinkedIn profile and/or search history.

  • Reminder: You have to pay for it. The cost of creating custom pages scales up or down according to the complexity of what you want to build.

Estimated timeframe for Web Asset Development: 4 weeks

Get ready for Step 5: Digital Outreach

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