Healthcare Employee Recruitment Step 5: Digital Outreach

It’s time to begin reaching specific potential employees with specific messages.

Many healthcare organizations make the mistake of using one-size-fits-all messaging, rather than customizing messages to build meaningful connections and boost conversion. Digital media enables you to deliver highly targeted messages to prospective employees. Here’s a summary of how to take advantage of it.

In Step 5 we look at ways to direct messages to the Persona targets you need to mobilize.

Advertising: Tactical Suggestions

Targeting Criteria
  • Keywords. You can use keyword search terms (Example: “HHA Jobs near me”) to trigger the delivery of your recruitment message.
  • Demographic. Use basic demographic information of your Persona types (income, age, gender, ethnicity, education, HHI) as an additional layer of targeting criteria.
  • Custom Audiences. Custom audiences can be built on Facebook based on customer lists, website traffic, social media engagement,
  • Lookalike audiences. This involves targeting new prospects on Facebook, based on your current prospect profile data.
  • Geo-targeting. Programmatic targeting based on the location of prospects.
Types of Ads
  • Search ads. These are test-based messages embedded in search engine results. Google’s Responsive Search Ads, for example, automatically give greater frequency to messages and descriptions that perform well.
  • Display ads. This refers to image/message ads that appear on websites, apps, and social media. Click through usually goes to custom landing environments with data capture and deeper content experiences.
  • Retargeting ads. “Stalker” ads that track prospects after they visit your website.
  • Programmatic ads. Technology that buys optimal online ad space.
  • Job Board ads. Healthcare website ad placement to feature open positions.
  • Social media ads. Ad delivery based on demonstrated interest in certain types of healthcare jobs.
  • Over the Top/Streaming ads. In-line video ads that run in streamed video content on YouTube and other streaming video services.

Estimated timeframe for Digital Outreach: 2 weeks

Get ready for Step 6: Fulfillment Content

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