Headline Psychology for Women 101

Headline Psych For Women Hero

Headlines still lead the way.

You’re revamping your website. Or posting on social media. Or maybe you’re writing a blog or creating an email subject line. It doesn’t matter what the medium is, the message is what matters. And it all comes down to the headline, which is how consumers determine if your content is a flip or a flop.

Women in particular tend to be picky about what headlines they find engaging.

We think, (since women control a huge percentage of household purchase decisions) that it’s worth the time and effort to show them what they want right in the headline. Headline psychology is the wave of the future, so it’s time to start learning its principles as they relate to women.

Start by thinking of a headline as a movie trailer

The content your headline connects someone to is movie – but the headline is the trailer. So, use it to show a glimpse of the excitement of the experience the content will provide. Add some suspense. Be enticing. Use your headline to trigger a “curiosity gap” that brings female viewers deeper into the fold. Sometimes, it can be tempting to rely on click-bait to draw people in, but we have some tricks to make sure your headlines tease to meaningful/relevant content.

Content that builds confidence

Women want to feel empowered, and useful knowledge is powerful. In fact, women’s empowerment has evolved into an industry. So, crafting a post that shows the gap between what female consumers knows and what they should know will consistently draw attention and increase the likelihood that she will want to share the knowledge into power amongst their peers. Take advantage of the idea that women are constantly using the digital world to see how they measure up. Confidence is a quality that women consistently feel is lacking in their lives, and if your headline attempts to solve that problem for them, they have a reason to engage it.

Don’t ignore the emotions that are involved in the digital world- they matter. And always remember to tap into these emotions by teasing useful advice or tips – specially the kind that simplify annoying tasks.

Women tend to value simplicity

Like anyone, women get frustrated when the complexity of the content they’re reading gets in the way of a clear understanding of it. Addressing women directly with content that can simplify life is better at moving them to action.

Wrong way: Complicating an offer with pre-conditions

25% off during October with a Member’s Only coupon

Right way: Simple

Get 10% off anything, anytime in October

Our point: A smaller offer that can simplify a woman’s life is much more appealing than an offer that she will have to work for. All people want the same things out of content they want to read online, but when trying to figure out what women want from your brand, think in terms of headline psychology.

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