The CHC Perception Vacuum: Part 1

Insight 1: CHC quality perceptions are in flux

A drinkcaffeine study of 300+ consumer healthcare decision makers reveals what people are prepared to believe about CHCs, and how CHCs can unlock market potential as they pursue the goal of population health. Access the full study.

Nearly 30% of consumers are unsure about CHC quality

The statement we tested: “Community Health Centers offer healthcare that’s equal in quality to any type of health system, such as a hospital, academic health system, or private health system.”

Around 40% agree with the statement.
30% disagree.
BUT nearly 30% “Don’t Know.”

Action: Tell the CHC quality story

If nearly 30% of consumers aren’t sure about CHC quality, this tells us there is an opportunity to inform and guide perceptions about the level and quality of CHC care.

For example, even before the ACA, there was evidence that the 1400+ CHCs in the U.S. could perform on the same level as private health systems.

Further, ACA funding has helped consolidate perceptions that CHCs have improved operational performance. That’s why the CHC payer mix is slowly shifting to include more private insurance (Kaiser).

CHCs need to tell the “quality” story
in care signatures, statistics, language, imagery, video, and all related content.

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