Fact: CHC Websites are slow

Standing by: CHC websites are usually very slow

Out of the CHC websites surveyed



Load in 6.0 seconds or more



Load in 3.5 – 5.5 seconds



Load in 0 – 3.0 seconds

3 Things to Know:

  1. Speed matters. More than 50% of people leave a page when it takes more than 3.0 seconds to load. Healthcare websites in general often take more than 5.0 seconds to load (mobile and desktop), so the category as a whole has a speed issue and an SEO issue, since Google uses speed as a site ranking factor.
  2. A mobile reminder. Mobile pages are evaluated separately for SEO results – they don’t inherit the main site’s SEO ranking. So consider mobile site design and loading speed as a separate but parallel issue to the performance of your main site.
  3. Actions.
    1. If you use WordPress, explore ways to speed it up.
      • Delete unused plugins
      • Clean up your media library
      • Reduce image file size without sacrificing quality
    2. Try Google’s PageSpeed Insights test to find out which pages are slow to load, and why.
    3. Contact drinkcaffeine for a free and friendly consultation.

About the drinkcaffeine Health Center Website Study:

  • A sample of 237 Community Health Center websites nationally
  • Each one evaluated on 12 essential performance criteria
  • Confidence interval/Margin of Error: 5.8% with 95% confidence

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