Healthcare Recruitment: Video Required

Healthcare needs qualified job applicants.

Zoom can help.

Let’s remember that healthcare faced a labor shortage before the pandemic.

We know what happened next. As the healthcare workload intensified through COVID, many providers – especially at lower-wage levels – decided to bail out. This left the remaining workers to burn out.

If you’re a healthcare decision-maker concerned about staffing, you need to do more than use Indeed and LinkedIn and keep current job listings posted to your site.

One thing to consider: Short-format videos that showcase your people, culture, and energy.

Relevant factoid: “Recruitment marketing videos achieved a 34 percent uptick in application rates.” (CareerBuilder)

For Humana’s home care business, SeniorBridge, we took rough Zoom interview footage and created a recruitment video

Why it makes sense:
  • It defines the employer’s point of difference
  • It helps drive search and social
  • Human faces and voices carry the message
  • We think the production imperfections actually authenticate the content
  • Colors, texture, type and music brand the segment

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healthcare marketing problems, contact us.