How FQHCs can serve the mission and the margin

If you’re a decision maker at an HRSA-funded Community Health Center, now is the time to consider all the ways to optimize American Rescue Plan resources, pursue population health, and run a business.

Under present federal guidelines, COVID testing for vulnerable populations is reimbursed at $80 per test, while COVID vaccinationsare reimbursed at $40 for a single-dose, and $80 for a two-dose vaccination. Our suggestion: Offer testing for everyone getting vaccinated.

3 reasons to encourage patients to get tested when they get vaccinated

1. You’re identifying positive test cases and empowering the patient and the health care delivery system to act on the information and prevent the further spread of the virus.

2. You’re compiling data on the populations you serve.

3. You’re optimizing the reimbursement structure to benefit your business.

Get the word out now

In our work with healthcare clients facing population health issues and state health initiatives, we’ve learned that digital communication can mobilize, organize, and measure public engagement with healthcare.

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